TOEFL Preparation Program

A course of study designed to assist students in preparing for the Test of English as a Foreign Language, a test that is used by many colleges and universities to assess the English competency of adult students.  This course is not represented to lead to employment.

The objectives of this course are to improve each student’s aural, writing and reading skills and to improve their test scores on sample TOEFL exams as measured by commercially available sample TOEFL tests.

Instructional Mode or Method

The classroom activities include intensive discussions of English vocabulary, grammar, varied exercises, and the taking of sample tests, all of which are used in a standard classroom setting.

Topics to be Covered / Skill to be Learned

The student’s ability to listen to spoken English, read English and write a composition in English are enhanced through drills, classroom discussions and exercises.  The measurement of the student’s progress is made each week by means of practice TOEFL tests that are timed exams and are taken by all participants.

Length of Program

Total Hours:        240 total hours/ 12 weeks


Sequence and Frequency of Lessons or Class Sessions

Classes meet 4 hours per day (M-F) for 12 weeks.

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